Bees Just Can’t Resist

A simple, natural way to protect your house from destructive Carpenter bees, without dangerous chemicals. The Carpenter Bee Trap uses bio-mimicry -it replicates the design of a natural nest to lure the carpenter bees inside. The holes that carpenter bees create are ½” in diameter, the same as the holes on the trap. Carpenter bees also look for well sheltered areas that will keep weather and predators out. The specially designed angle entrance holes make it easy for the bees to get in, but difficult for them to get back out. The holes slant upwards as the bee enters the nest, this results in minimal light visibility once the bee is inside the trap. Once the bee is inside it follows the natural instinct to fly towards the light. The light though, is the glass jar on the bottom of the wooden enclosure, directing the bee further down into the trap. There is no way for the bee to get out of the glass jar. The dead bees that collect in the trap will release pheromones which attract other carpenter bees to the same trap and the cycle continues. Once your trap is full of bees, simply empty the reusable glass jar.